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D Nature Way

DNWB: The Essential Starter Kit

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This Essential Starter Kit will give you the introductory of what to expect. It comes with The Food Guide, 3 days CHL Detox capsules & D-Revitalize Boost. Giving you the Dr. Sebi's food guide to keep you in line with what you should eat to optimize your health.

This starter kit will help you start the cleansing process, by detoxing the GUT with our 3 day CHELATION Detox capsules. The properties in this combined herbs will create wavelike motion moving out waste through the intestine, cleaning out waste and heavy metals out of the intestinal wall and restoring the mucous lining of your gut. Right away you will start feeling the power of the D-Revitalize Boost, filtering, cleansing, and nourish the blood throughout your body, feeling energized again.

These mix of herbs has the properties to bind with toxins for their removal from the body and blood. They have anti-inflammatory,  antioxidants and many more properties that may help with Rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, headaches, liver functions, and many more conditions you may have.

It is very  important to consume at least a gallon of the recommended spring water, many of these herbs have diuretic properties to help remove toxins out of the body. So drinking a lot of water and fluid is HIGHLY recommended. 

 Disclaimer: At D Nature Way Botanical, we are dedicated to enhancing your well-being. We are not medical doctors and do not provide diagnoses or prescribe pharmaceuticals. Our products are intended to complement existing health programs and do not conflict with any prescribed medications. Always consult your medical doctor for personalized advice on your health journey.