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D Nature Way Botanical

Spiritual Gift box

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A  gift with a lot of meaning. A gift is a thoughtful way to celebrate someone you love. There are so many options out there, depending on the recipient’s preferences and interests. Here are some ideas for different types of gifts. Those gift will be package in a beautiful black box shipped to its destination.

3 Palo Santos 1 floral smudge , 3 candles, 3- 4' in white sage and 1 wood stand holder, 1 sea shell,  and 1 3'in healing crystal wand.
Healing Crystal Wand
Amethyst Crystal- Inner peace & calm
Tigers Eye- Courage & confidence 
Rose Quartz- Love & Empathy
Black Tourmaline- protection & security  Citrine- Abundance & creativity
Clear Quartz- Balance & clarity